Monday we acquired two 5-month-old Kunekune pigs! (“Kune kune” is Māori for “fat and round.”) They currently weigh about 40 pounds, but can grow to 300!

We had a lot of help getting their enclosure and shed all ready. It used to be for chickens, then it was basically left for weeds (especially giant stinging nettles), so there was a lot to fix up!

The little people on our farm love fetching the apples and plums that fell from the trees, running (literally) them over to the pigs, then watching them munch. The pigs may also be getting tummy rubs.

Yep, these pigs are a little spoiled. They’re turning their nose up at leftover onions, green beans, and corn. I think it’s safe to say they’re pretty happy with their new arrangements.

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