This last weekend was our first taste of homemade apple cider. It was a delicious experiment!

We snagged Grampa’s juicer and turned a few dozen apples into a few dozen ounces of pulpy, almost chewy, apple juice. Here’s some photos:

This many apples…
…gets chopped up and fills this bowl…
…and made about 16 ounces of cider. (Everything above that line was pulpy bubbles.

The family agreed it was far superior to the boxes of apple juice to which they were accustomed. It just takes a lot of apples, and could benefit from a more industrial juicer.

Maybe in future years we’ll make some available for sale? Please let us know if you’d be interested.

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  1. Aren’t you two industrious and talented. A very nice site Mike. Amanda you look like you’re in you’re element for sure. Congratulations on stepping into the world of Farming at it’s Finest! You’re Amazing.

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