The herd has arrived

Waiting in the rain for the MASSIVE double-decker transport semi to arrive.

Monday afternoon was an exciting time for us. My whole body was full of adrenaline wondering how we would complete the unloading portion of this journey. Five little piggies travelled from as far as Quinte West, ON and Carstairs, AB to arrive at our farm. These beautifully and mindfully selected pigs have been raised for growth and pork quality. They will be the foundation of our breeding program and we are so in love! What sweethearts. A huge thank you to Kelly at Whispering Winds for making this dream a reality!

Welcome home!

My family were rock stars and helped managed doors and load pigs. It was efficient, safe, and a huge relief! Everyone had a safe night and were dry in the barns and are now out grazing this morning. Life is good. The gilts deked me out once and hid in the barn while I looked for them in the lower field to show them where the barn was – in a panic! When I got back up top I’m sure they all had a good laugh at how silly their new human is. They had no problem navigating an acre and finding the barn and water on their own, thank you very much.

Among our ranks, we have a Jenny x Te Whangi gilt, a Wilsons Gina x Andrew gilt, and a Boris x Kereopa boar. There are two sweet little piglets that came to keep our boar company while they grow out. All five of these little piggies are without names still, so if you have an idea, let us know. We have a special place in our hearts for Maori names as a nod to their heritage.

From back to front, Pango, Pai and their new little friend (WN Boris boar line)
Here we have from left to right, a WN Wilsons Gina gilt, WN Jenny gilt and two WN Ru barrows.

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