An apple a day…

Special delivery!

I think we are all looking to keep the doctor away lately. What an apropos time for our apples to arrive. Saltspring Apple Company delivered twenty beautiful apple trees today. We are so grateful for their knowledge, vision, and dedication to growing heritage varieties as well as modern, naturally disease-resistant varieties of certified organic apple trees.

To our orchard, we have welcomed what we think is the perfect balance of well-loved heritage varieties and modern, university-bred, drought and disease-resistant varieties to give our it diversity and longevity in our ever-changing environment.

Among our heritage varieties we have:

  • Gravenstein (1669) – we already had one, but one is never enough!
  • King of Tompkins County aka King (1750)
  • Belle de Boskoop (1856)
  • Egremont Russet (1872)
  • Winter Banana (1876)

Our modern varieties are represented by:

  • Airlie Red Flesh (1960)
  • Gala (1965)
  • Karmjin de Sonnaville (1971)
  • Sweet sixteen (1974)
  • Jupiter (1981)
  • Williams pride (1987)
  • Topaz (1990)
  • Pristine (1994)
  • GoldRush (1994)

For more details about each apple, you can check out our produce page.

More pictures to come as we get these trees in the ground!

Here’s what we’re hoping it will look like. Each semi-dwarf tree is 8’ from the fence and they are 15’ apart.

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