Vineyard on Vineyard

It only makes sense that we put in a vineyard of kiwi vines given where we live. To that end, we had a productive long weekend! The cedar supports for our fuzzy kiwis are in. We have Hayward and Saanichton varieties of kiwis and are hoping to see fruit in the next 6-7 years. When we do, we expect a LOT of it. These still need to be anchored and string the wire. After that, we can put in the drip irrigation and plant our 6 vines. Just to be safe we are going to put some wire around the vines to prevent them from the pigs. The pigs have been safe with our blueberries but until our orchard and vineyard mature both the apple whips and young vines will have an added layer of safety.

Kiwi Update: May 23, 2020

The vines are in and the drip line is set. We’re still waiting on an order of wire vise and for the anchors to settle before tightening the wires. We’re also waiting on some deer wire to cage them in for some pig protection while they get established. Slowly but surely!

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