Mouth noise, it does nothing for me. Like a nail on a chalkboard the sound usually sends me packing. Not when it comes from these delightful little piggies though. I could listen to them crunch and munch all day.

This week I took a few videos to immortalize these piggy little moments. Pumpkins are in season and we carved six with the kids this week, as a result, we have some pigs hopping on the pumpkin spice bandwagon. Not to mention they have also been enjoying the 50lb bag of carrots we picked up from the laughing llama a few weeks ago. At $9.99 a bag, it was hard not to want to spoil them. You can see here that they think fall is a pretty good time of the year.

The next couple of videos capture our morning feed routine. If I don’t catch them early enough they head down to the lower berry field for the day to get about their piggy business. The grass is so tall that I need to get pretty close to get their attention, but when I do, they come running!

They are building stamina for the round. Pai (brown and white) can sometimes still be pretty winded by the top. He is akin to the gasping wolf from Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone”, but that doesn’t stop him. On this particular day, I made it extra worth their while and had some pumpkin waiting for them at the top of a hill. They dug right in! It was very well deserved!

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