Nettles… for dinner!

This is our first spring on the farm. Pea shoots are starting to rear their heads, the garlic is up, and our first harvest of the season is in. Stinging nettles.

This was one of those, “we hope the internet is right” moments. The nutritional benefits of nettles are widely accepted but after you have been stung it is hard to imagine touching them with your tongue. Good news! The internet did not fail us on this one. Just a few minutes of steaming and there were no problems. In fact, they were tastier than the spinach we typically use in our tofu, spinach, peanut stirfry. YUM! The kids were about as impressed with them as cooked spinach. One scarfed them down, one wailed at the idea of having to eat with us, and the other begrudgingly tried some. So the usual, lol.

Scroll through the gallery to see the harvest, preparation, and cooking process. This will be a springtime treat for years to come! I will finally see stinging nettle and get excited instead of annoyed. I was grateful to go out on a limb and learn to appreciate these delightful treats.

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